Hello all you beautiful people

I am elated to begin this new blogging adventure where I will be sharing my long time love for DIY and creative repurposing of household objects. I remember sitting by my grandmother´s old school sewing machine watching her magically whip up dresses, cushions, quilts, and some ultra-lovable stuffed animal companions. Since then I have found solace in the humming of the sewing machine, and although I do not have nearly half the skills of my seamstress grandmother I´ve been able to scrape by with basic sewing skills. What I am especially good at is sifting through the endless colors of thriftshops for anything I can give a new life, and thankfully unlike many habits this one has not interfered with my poor college girl budget!
So let´s explore the endless possibilities of the DIY world together. It only takes a little skill, a little money, and a little magic to turn shit into chic!

- Andrea

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