DIY Clay and Oatmeal Facial Mask

ingredients: bentonite clay powder, colloidal oat powder, apple cider vinegar, water

Calcium Bentonite has been widely used for detoxing purposes, especially it's pore cleansing benefits for skin. It has deep purification and pore refining qualities unlike any other product I've used. My favorite bentonite based product was Queen Helene's Mint Julep Mask but I prefer a natural homemade remedy to a store bought one filled with chemicals! I bought pure bentonite clay powder a while back and found I don't use it too frequently because of the process of mixing it up every time (I am a very lazy when it comes to beauty regimens). When I use bentonite clay or oatmeal masks I'm always left with soft glowing skin and smaller pores, so creating a ready made batch to grab on days when my skin needs some deep cleaning is the perfect move!  

The recipe I used is based off the basic mixture used with Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay which simply calls for bentonite and apple cider vinegar (a wonderful natural skin and hair cleanser).
For an extra boost in soothing qualities I mixed in colloidal oatmeal - a fine oat powder that lowers inflammation, has antioxidants, balances PH, moisturizes, softens and cleanses. Packets of the powder are sold as bath treatments and can be found easily in stores (my favorite is from Från Krämer because it's from a small Etsy business and 100% organic!) 

To mix I added apple cider vinegar and water to equal parts bentonite and colloidal oatmeal and mixed in my Magic Bullet until it was a thick and smooth paste as shown. 

When adding the liquid begin with a few teaspoons and go from there until the desired consistency is reached. Then package it up in a small mason jar to store. Its that easy! To use just apply a thin layer on problem areas and wait for it to dry. When it dries it must be removed with warm water and towel.  Not too sure on the longevity of this mask but I'll be keeping it in the fridge till I notice any changes. 

Can't wait to use it all up and mix some more!