DIY Summer Shell Hippie Wall Hanging

wooden stick (store bought or scavenged - at least 12")
5-10 shells

Time: 20 minutes

Although summer is in its final swing there's no need to let go of the memories of sun rays and ocean mist. One of my favorite things to do on the coast is collect shells, and over the years I have found that sticking these pretty little wonders in containers isn't doing them any justice. Instead, I decided to display them right up on the wall for all to see - and to remind me that summer is always right around the corner.

1. I was lucky enough to have the help of my dad to drill small holes in the top of each shell. It can be done with a small drill bit - just drill slowly so that they don't shatter.
If power tools are not your thing or not available you can use a dab of hot glue or super glue to adhere the fabric strips to the shell.

2. I used an old tie-dye tshirt for this DIY and cut it into as many thin strips as there are shells about 2 cm each and 14" long. Cut a 2" thick strip to hang with. Since the fabric was t-shirt material I pulled on each end to roll the hems which makes them look more like rope and tied them onto the stick roughly 1-2 inches apart (for extra security dab each knot with glue).

3. If you have beads now is the time to add them! Tie a knot before and after each bead to keep in place and add more texture to the strings. You can also glue on feathers and other knick-knacks that remind you of summer bliss. Thread the ends of the fabric strips through the drilled hole of each shell and secure with a loop knot. Mix up the lengths of each string to add more movement.

...And that's it! Hang your new creation with pride! I hung mine above my mirror and it frames it quite nicely.

Happy DIYing!