Cranberry Crazed: DIY Skin Care Regimen

The first day of winter is upon us; Thanksgiving has come and gone; and for most of us Northerners the cold front has come. And somehow I still can't get my mind off of this holiday dinner staple. Cranberry sauce aside, this little fruit is packed with anti aging and detoxing capabilities. So, since they're in season, I figured now's the time to reap internal and external benefits of this super fruit.

These past few weeks I've been guzzling home made cranberry tea. They've even been found to fight infections, promote oral and intestinal health, and even combat certain cancers; and have a whopping number of antioxidants inside their small crimson skins. It's such a refreshing and healthy drink that's great hot or cold. This is definitely way better than any cranberry juice cocktail that you'll find at the supermarket - which most likely has more than 20 grams of sugar a serving!! Don't forget the artificial coloring and flavoring too.

Cranberry Tea Recipe:
Just add half a cup of berries to 2-3 cups of water and boil until the berries open up. At this point you can turn off the heat and let it steep on it's own. I love to add fresh ginger slices to my tea before its boiling for some added flavor.

Somehow these little beauties have gone under the radar all these years, but when it comes to skin care they are the mother load - salicylic acid, vitamin C, antioxidants, oil absorbing, skin firming, moisturizing! 

So here are 3 ways I've found to put them to good use in your beauty regimen this holiday season. Hell, you can literally use them in each part of your daily face routine!

Cranberry Tea Toner 
Step 1. Strain and cool your cranberry tea.
Step 2. Mix with equal parts Witch Hazel and put in a bottle to store.
Step 3. Apply with a cotton ball and enjoy radiant skin!

This toner will give you antioxidant fighting power, act as an anti-inflammatory, tone skin, fight oil and acne, and leave you feeling radiant and not the least bit dry!

Cranberry Detoxing Mask
Don't toss the boiled berries! With these left overs we can make a super packed facial mask.
Step 1. Put boiled cranberries in food processor and add 1 teaspoon of corn starch.
Step 2. Blend until cranberries are smooth add teaspoons of water as needed.
Step 3. Apply thin layer to face and store rest in an air tight container to last for the next week or so.

This mask is detoxing and will give you more prolonged exposure to cranberry's benefits. Never has this once dried out my skin. If you don't like cornstarch or don't have it around any natural flour like substance will act as a thickening agent.

Cranberry Firming Scrub 
Too many berries on your hands? No problem! Whip up an amazing smelling natural firming scrub!

Step 1.Follow directions for Cranberry Detoxing Mask
Step 2. Add 1 parts coarse brown sugar to 2 parts mask and mix for even consistency.
Step 3. Step into the shower, slosh away dead skin, and let the cranberry goodness rejuvenate you.

Your skin will feel revived from head to toe with these DIY beauty treatments. Considering they're in season and such a steal what's there to lose?!

~Until next time~