Crazed for Crayons: DIY Melted Crayon Wall Art

Crayon art has been around for quite some time now and makes for a really great craft for home decor or holiday gift giving. I decided to take a shot at this simple and very versatile medium after perusing Pinterest and finding great renditions like thisthis, and this. I chose to use negative space to great an Ohm symbol -the final piece will be a gift for my yogi, veggie-loving best friend, and I recommend taking a shot at this very unique and simple gift for your loved ones this holiday!

canvas (I used 6 3x5 mini canvases)
X-acto knife
painter's tape
hair dryer

optional: iron, scissors, news paper

time: 1.5 hours

The first step, which I did not snap a picture of, is to adhere your painter's tape in strips on the canvas. Unfortunately, I used duct tape which I do not recommend because some crayon seeped underneath- but I didn't mind because in the end it kept the Ohm from looking rigid and too sharp. 

I then marked the outline and used an x-acto knife to cut away the excess. If you want to use positive space instead (making the symbol or picture out of the melted crayon) then just peel away within your markings and leave the larger strips of tape.
The process of melting the crayons is all up to you. Here is a great Buzzfeed list of different types of melted crayon art.
I ended up using a mixture of the steam setting of an iron and my hair dryer on high heat. If either tool hits the melted crayons just wipe with a wet cloth immediately - once it dries its a pain to get off, but it's not impossible!

The final product!
Although there was some running of the crayons I really love how it turned out - it looks great up on the wall adding an unexpected pop of chaotic color to a serene Ohm symbol. 

~Until next time~