DIY Inspiration: Eco-friendly Picture Frames

Every time I move into my dorm, or get a package, or walk by the school post office I am faced by a mountain of cardboard boxes. I absolutely hate unnecessary waste and it seems as though we carelessly toss these containers into the recycling, or even more horrifying into the dumpster. After searching for some nifty wall decorations for my dorm I came across a BRILLIANT way to repurpose old cardboard
picture frames! 
All you'd need would be some cardboard, an x-acto knife, adhesive, and a lot of patience...
Here are a few frames I stumbled upon that left me breathless. If I have a few dozen hours on hand I could take a shot at these remarkably intricate pieces - but most definitely shouldn't take anywhere near that long!

Seems like a cute idea for a family or free time craft! This project is also versatile enough to suite all styles and artistic abilities. Hope you're inspired to give it a shot and I'll definitely keep you updated on any attempts I make!

~Until next time~