Thrifting Tales: unloading baggage

I just arrived back home for the holidays - and what's the first thing I do? Hit the local Salvation Army, of course. As of now, my closet is 80% thrifted; its the ultimate way to get unique, quality made items for an absolute steal. Get over the fact that it was someone else's grandma's; it's good for the earth and for your wallet.

I must admit I have been spoiled back in central florida where I have found some stellar local thrift shops pricing items as low as 50 cents! So, coming to the Salv where things are as low as 5$ almost shocked my broke wallet back into my purse. But I prevailed, and left with some one of a kind vintage bags that I'd like to share with you.

This by far one of my favorite items I found that day and if I didn't have so many damn backpacks already It'd definitely be staying in my closet. This baby came with the tags still on and is in brand new condition even though its from the mid 90's. Super soft leather with so many useful pockets; I can already see it on a festival-goers back holding all the necessities.

This 6x6 burgundy soft leather cross body is much deeper in color than my camera could capture. You can see better photos in my Vinted closet here.

This is an amazing vintage leather-bottomed drawstring backpack! I love the colorful detailing and the deep forrest green. Definitely had to keep this one for myself. 
Can you believe it was only $1.99?!

These bags can be found in my Vinted closet (click the vinted icon!) - or just click here!

~Until next time~