DIY: No Sew up-cycled camera strap

I just recently purchased a vintage Minolta X700 film camera, and without any film experience went full force into the world of old school photography. This thing is my new baby, and to treat is as such I decided to make it a funky camera strap so it's safe and secure and looking good at all times.
This is a simple and quick camera strap that doesn't require any sewing!! bless this DIY.

2" or wider fabric belt- make sure this is durable and can withstand some wear! 
2 split key rings - I repurposed some from some old key chains I no longer used
2 durable clasps - mine are brass and very durable, this is the make or break item for the DIY
super glue (or needle and thread) - use this to secure the knots

First things first, attach a clasp through one of the split key rings, do this to the other one too.

 Then, knot your chosen belt or fabric strap onto the key ring. Using durable glue or a needle and thread secure the knot so it doesn't slip. 
You can see that I covered the key rings and part of the claps with the knot, this is a simple adjustment to do and makes the final product look much cleaner. 
I know you can't believe it but you're done!