DIY: Up-cycled Compact Camera Bag

So my obsession with my new 35mm film camera has not gone away... In fact, I've even whipped up a new camera case to keep it cute and safe for my upcoming trip to Sri Lanka- and whatever other adventures life throws my way!

 I was inspired by this absolutely stunning Wood & Faulk tutorial for a wool camera wrap. However, with a lack of wool I opted to repurpose an awesome aztec printed canvas tote that was desperate for a new life. This bag was well loved but worn out and in dire need for a revamp- it was perfect for the job because it came with extra padding for a laptop (a handy quality, but not necessary for this tutorial). 

1/2 yard of  canvas fabric
1/4" foam padding (optional)
super/fabric glue if using padding
sewing machine or needle and thread
your choice of secure closure 
& 45 mins to 1hr of your time

This camera strap is also up cycled and can be made in less than 3 minutes!

I've got to say I love how this turned out! It took roughly 45 minutes to finish and it was well worth it. I took creative liberty to fit the design to using a magnetic closure instead of a leather strap tie. I also repurposed the brass clasps from the bag's closure and super glued them on opposite sides of the opening. 

It could've been cleaner, but it gets the job done and no one is the wiser when I carry it around!

I definitely prefer this type of bag over a store bought one - Not only was it made just for me and to my camera but it's a great balance of protection, style, and compact size. To my surprise there was enough room to squeeze in a roll or two of film. Regardless of how you make it your own it's definitely better than your average camera bag!

Until next time,